A Star in Profile

May 30, 2018

undefinedGermany-based elumatec has been involved with many high-profile façade projects in recent years, but there’s no doubt which one stands out the most in this part of the world.

undefinedThe Louvre Abu Dhabi opened its doors in November 2017 and already the spectacular Jean Nouvel-designed building has become an iconic symbol of the UAE capital.

undefinedThough it combines 55 separate buildings, the most eye-catching feature of the entire project is undoubtedly its distinctive saucer-shaped roof, giving it the appearance of a space ship landed in the desert.  

The breath-taking, eight-layer dome is made up of 7,850 unique aluminium stars set in a complex geometric pattern. When sunlight filters through, it creates a moving ‘rain of light’, reminiscent of the overlapping palm trees in the UAE’s oases.

“Often, a magnificent structure represents many challenges to execute,” says Ayman Droubi, general manager of elumatec Middle East, which provides profile machining solutions. Its UAE subsidiary, White Aluminium produced the components of the dome at its two profile machining centres in Abu Dhabi.

“Elumatec was happy to tackle the machining challenges of over 500,000 individual aluminum profiles. Each set of profiles for each star design involved a different shape, machining, and angle cutting to be processed with great precision and accuracy.

“Further, programing 500,000 individual parts would have taken months to program if it wasn’t for our software solution which converted the design from Excel file à CSV à CNC machining file, which communicated to our 5 Axis CNC (Computer Numeric Code) Machining Center to be processed flawlessly with great accuracy.”

Elumatec was established in Mühlacker near Stuttgart, Germany in 1928 and has had a regional presence in the UAE since 1999. Today, it is the leading premium supplier in the segment of profile machining for a vast array of different requirements and materials.

Its product range includes basic, manual-operation machines as well as complex, state-of-the-art profile machining centers with CNC control. Moreover, it offers complete solutions required for setting up efficient, safe and ergonomic production lines: software solutions, assembly equipment, roller conveyors, transport trolleys, glazing units and tools.

The company is a founding partner of Windows, Doors & Facades which takes place once again this year from 23 - 25 September at Dubai World Trade Centre. This year Elumatec will be launching its range of CNC machining solutions including its new 4 Axis CNC Machining Center SBZ122/74 and 5 Axis CNC Machining Center SBZ122/75.

undefinedTop trends

undefinedAyman Droubi identifies the top four trends in the façade business

“As a company recognised as a world leader in the supply of processing equipment for the production of doors, windows, and curtain wall, we have seen a few trends emerge since we opened our UAE branch in the late 90s” 

  1. “Increased demand for automated production lines to reduce dependency on manual labour which has been traditionally dominant. This has resulted in increased productivity and consistency in the quality of the finished product. 
  1. “Greater complexity in the design aspect of the façade requiring more sophisticated machining solutions, which elumatec has been a pioneer in developing and has been the focal point of its product development plans. 
  1. “A shift towards ‘paperless’ production with the use of integrated software solutions where the flow of information is communicated digitally/numerically from the design stage throughout the stages of production, resulting in increased output, less wastage of material and more accurate reporting of production output.
  1. “Increased demand for green and sustainable energy saving façade solutions to cope with the regional environment.”


The dome in numbers

7,850 unique stars 

8 layers of cladding 

180 metre diameter 

565 metre circumference 

7 metre width 

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