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May 30, 2018

Since summer 2016, PRESTO Middle East has been sharing its expertise with the Abu Dhabi government and installing its patented water saving taps at 2,500 mosques across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Al-Aïn. 

undefinedundefinedundefinedThe initiative has the potential to save billions of litres of precious water simply by optimising the tap flow. According to estimates, the act of washing before prayer accounts for around 9 billion litres each year, or around 1% of all the water consumed in Abu Dhabi. 

undefinedundefinedundefinedFrom day one the PRESTO Technical & Before Sales Service from France has been working closely on the ground with the project, which has seen thousands of PRESTO NEO taps put to test. A Dubai-based area manager was personally present at each installation to calibrate and fine tune the taps to meet stringent specifications.

“In a nutshell, if we want to reduce consumption, we can only play on two levers: water flow (instant quantity of water delivered), and/or time flow (how long the water is going to run), but we at PRESTO commit to maintaining the same comfort and performance for the user,” says Thierry Vivier, marketing director of PRESTO.

Guillaume Barthélémy, Before Sales & Technical Expert, explains further: “The time flow is linked to our specific internal technology. Thanks to our calibrated and wear-proof synthetic ruby, which adds a self-cleaning function to our taps, the pressure of the water piping will have a limited impact. But the water flow will be impacted! And we noticed some pretty big differences in terms of water pressure from one site to another. Our goal was to ensure the same level of comfort and performance wherever we installed our taps.”

PRESTO noticed that water pressure between mosques could vary widely from 0.8 up to 5 bar. Fitting a water flow limiter to the taps ensures an optimum water flow but only once a certain piping water pressure is reached. If the pressure is too low, the water flow limiter itself is not enough. But in order to receive the QCC certification, PRESTO had committed to providing taps that would fully operate within a specific water flow range, whatever the piping pressure.

“PRESTO technology allowed us to adjust the minimum water ow (that we would get with the lowest water pressure – worst conditions) by limiting the inlet, and to adjust the maximum water ow (that we would get at a “regular” piping water pressure) by regulating the outlet,” says Guillaume Barthélémy.

“This solution was developed after investigating how our products were performing on a real field test. Afterwards the solution looked rather simple, but it was quite challenging to implement! It is key for us to offer not only a reliable solution, but also a full service and be there, on site, whenever needed.” The first 780 taps were delivered last summer, and the deliveries are still going on.

A Rich History

undefinedFor the past three generations PRESTO has been manufacturing and selling tapware for all types of public and commercial buildings. The family-owned French Group operates in over 80 countries worldwide and has been working with local partners in the UAE for the past 20 years. In 2014, the Group opened a new subsidiary (PRESTO Middle East) in Dubai.

“We’ve been very active in the water-saving field since day-one. We’ve mastered our unique technology in order to offer reliable and long lasting solutions,” says Thierry Vivier.

“We have installed literally millions of self-closing valves (for taps, toilets or showers) in France and Europe, but we have been involved in some
very challenging territories such as Singapore, where drinking water was a crucial issue for a long time.”

Building on more than 90 years of experience in water saving solutions, the PRESTOGREEN® range is fully in line with green building standards such as the LEED, BREEAM or ESTIDAMA. PRESTOGREEN® offers more water savings thereby guaranteeing more credits.

With PRESTO sanitary ware there is no compromise with the comfort or performance for the user. It is not a “limited solution” but a fully operating product at the end of the day.


PRESTOGREEN® Provides increased water saving

By reducing the flow time to 7 seconds

Through a water flow at 1.9 litres/ minute that is achieved by “spray effect” aerators which ensure maximum ease of use and an optimum jet pressure quality for such a low flow rate and which can be interchanged with all types of taps

Thanks to its exclusive and patented technology. The PRESTO timed- flow tapware® is fitted with a mechanism that is unique on the market: a synthetic ruby, calibrated and wear-proof, self-cleaning with a lock wire, guaranteed 10 years.

PRESTO NEO – the ideal tap for mosques

The wall-mounted PRESTO NEO, with its 95 mm projection and “S®” Anti-blocking System, is designed to save water in places of worship and prevent excessive use of water. It produces significant savings by maintaining a constant flow rate of 1.9L/min (4 ow positions) and a flow time of 7 or 15 seconds (automatic interruption of water flow when the time has elapsed) and a controlled flow not exceeding 6L/min or dropping below 4L/min for some requirements.

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