Industry Innovation

Discussions with market leaders on the newest solutions
for construction will help prepare your business for the future
Opinion Piece: Digital market gains traction in heavy sector

CEO of heavy equipment rental company shares how tech-powered commerce is making its way to construction

Q&A: Naji Atallah

In talks with Naji Atallah, Head of Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Manufacturing, Autodesk

Opinion Piece: CCC points to start-ups to digitize local sector

Eng Aref Boualwan, Senior Manager for Digital Transformation & Strategy
at industry giant, Consolidated Contractor's Company (CCC), takes the
lead in developing strategic partnerships with start-ups that build
disruptive technologies

Whitepaper: Digital revolution in the construction industry

The most prominent technology trends and how they are impacting the construction industry

“Embracing technology also allows construction companies to thrive in the future. The skills and methods that are required to compete today will not be enough to survive tomorrow.”

Naji Atallah

Head of Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Manufacturing, Autodesk

“I hope to witness a technology startup founded in the Middle East be the one to shake up the industry.”

Eng Aref Boualwan

Senior Manager, Digital Transformation & Strategy at Consolidated Contractor's Company (CCC)