Cooler solutions from Carrier this summer

July 17, 2017

undefinedundefinedXPower VRF operates in high ambient conditions - up to 54°C - with a high efficiency ratio (EER) of 14. It consists of 12 different types of indoor units with a wide capacity range, including fan coil units and air handling unit (AHU) connectors.

The system is easy to install and transport. Its flexible piping reaches up to 1000m for a single refrigerant circuit and can connect up to 64 units indoors with automatic addressing.

Meanwhile, AquaForce 30XV air-cooled screw chiller is highly versatile and energy-efficient with a range of benefits, including tiered capacity offerings from 140 to 500 tonnes.

The chiller consists of variable frequency drives that are IP55-rated and fully air-cooled by ambient air. They also a next-generation rotary screw compressor, which is designed and optimised specifically for variable frequency drive operation.

These can be used for a wide range of applications including schools, hotels, data centres, offices and residential buildings.

The AquaForce chillers are also certified with Greenspeed intelligence.

Carrier operates in the UAE through UTS Carrier, a joint venture company between United Technical Services (UTS) and Carrier Corporation, and is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

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