Stairway system for safe and smart building sites

December 30, 2016

undefinedIts latest products include stairways with new designed steps from punched sheet metal for safe stand on and high self-cleaning ability. Each stairway has an inner width of 70-100 cm for more comfortable access and is available in six different lengths which can be safely connected to each other.

Each stairway of 15 and 18 steps are additionally equipped with a support. The stairway is also the company’s best-selling product as more and more customers are becoming aware of stairways as a more reasonable and safer solution on construction sites than ladders.

On the basis of more than 20 years of German engineering, the company focusses on the areas - Collective Safety, Personal Safety and Access Solutions. It develops, manufactures and distributes user-friendly products and solutions which comply with international safety requirements of the countries of application such as the European standards (EN).

As a solution-oriented company it supports customers with service features such as assembly, testing methods, CAD-planning and special designs and developments.


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