LATICRETE introduces next generation cement technology

May 18, 2017


The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System ensures safer job sites for contractors and workers by dramatically reducing harmful silica dust, eliminating manual loading and lifting, and minimising trip/slip hazards.

“By combining the power of the pump with our next generation self-levelling materials, LATICRETE SUPERCAP has created a revolutionary system that has already been introduced and is being used widely in the US, Europe and the UAE,” said Sujit Singh, Managing Director, LATICRETE Middle East and Africa. “Those who specify the System reap the benefits of a perfectly-flat, deflection-free Next Generation Slab, while contributing to healthier and safer job sites.”

The pump truck takes finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs to the next level. With the computer-controlled mobile blending unit (MBU), blending is done on site and the truck can continuously deliver up to 15 tonnes of material per hour for a range of buildings and high-rises up to 50 stories.

This significantly increases productivity onsite and the building will have no unmixed materials. Also, a commendable output is achieved, reaching up to 13,600 kg per hour. This translates into faster turnover of each floor plate and because of that, all respective construction trades can be back on the floor the very next day.

By storing and processing all raw materials at street level, the LATICRETE SUPERCAP system also offers tangible safety advantages, including:

Adheres To and Surpasses OSHA Silica Dust Regulations

The traditional approach to self-levelling requires the manual loading of about 25KG bags of material to each floor of the work site, where they are broken and mixed with water, inevitably releasing harmful dust inside the building. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP pump truck blends the cement formula at street level inside a silo which incorporates a negative air handling vacuum system. The truck’s high-output pumps send the finished product directly to the site, and no unmixed material can then enter the building. This allows the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System to comply with both current and proposed OSHA regulations.

Minimise Chances of Injury
With the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System raw materials are delivered to the site in 1,000KG “supersacks” and lifted into the pump truck with an on-board crane. There is no manual loading, lifting or breaking of smaller bags, which greatly reduces the chance for injury. 

Reduce Trip Hazards
The traditional approach to self-levelling requires electrically-powered mixers which typically use tie-in cables and extension cords throughout the work area, a major trip hazard. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System’s patented pump truck uses an on-board generator to power the mixing and pumping system outside the building, away from the work area.

Decreases Slipping Hazards
With its on-board water system and mixing occurring at street level, the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System doesn’t require extra hoses or water in the work area.  This eliminates a major cause of slipping and injury on the job site.

The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System is a safe, time-saving and cost-effective method for finishing new concrete that meet or exceed finished flooring tolerances. The technology is a LEED-qualified, GREENGUARD-certified, low alkali, self-leveling and cement-based technology.


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