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 | February 23, 2016

undefinedWhen it comes to green design, construction and operation, what unique challenges do you and your colleagues overcome?  

Most of the challenges we face are lack of proper knowledge of green design and construction – people think that green design, means full of greenery such as more plantation, trees and shrubs/flowers for most spaces of the building, the people are not aware that there are lot of activities to be done for any green design which should be in accordance with LEED. The other challenge is the initial cost of the green design & construction, particularly choosing the right material & resources. However, we should understand that – the value of any LEED building project which is rated as platinum or gold certification will be highly valued with capital appreciation at the end.

For instance, if we take any implemented LEED project using renewable energy leads to zero bill which means no monthly bill of electricity for the end user; that can be considered as the integral part of renewable energy. 

Tell us about a project you’ve worked on that has made you feel especially excited or proud. What made it so remarkable?

We have actively taken part for the supervision of one of the most prominent LEED project to be implemented in King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah. It is a unique luxurious 60 villas project which is proposed to be rated as platinum certification. KAU Housing Project is interested to adapt sustainable strategies in an effort to build a high quality development for the residents to live, establish a sustainable community by adapting energy efficient design, conservation of water, materials and indoor environmental quality.

The development will provide access to all residential units by vehicle ad pedestrian access. The site will be connected to the rest of the KAU road network and to Jeddah’s public transport system through shuttle bus services for public. This project entertains the highest rank of LEED that we feel excited and proud about.

How can the activities in the building and the community become aligned in a way that greater understanding of sustainability is addressed on a larger scale?

The activities in the building and community can become aligned through education & training the people about the importance of sustainability indoor and outdoor activities; such as: 

  •          Improvement in energy efficiency relative to ASHRAE Standard 
  •          Improvement in water efficiency relative to international plumbing code
  •          Developing recycling program to reduce waste that is disposed of in landfills
  •          Developing walk able communities plus introducing bike network 
  •          Resident education on sustainability, development and management  
  •          Developing of design strategies that promote physical activities  

In addition to saving energy, water conservation and implementing the use of renewable energy for indoor environmental quality as well as reducing carbon emissions which is a worldwide problem for global warming at the moment which requires greater understanding on a larger scale in a global level.

How does sustainable building add value to a country’s built environment? 

Sustainable building adds value to a larger extent to our country’s environment; there are many examples: for instance using the proper design complying to LEED to energy efficiency – which are as follows:

  •          Application of renewable energy through solar hot water system
  •          Reduced lighting power density
  •          Efficient HVAC and Fan systems 
  •          Using of energy star Appliances – such as electric washing machines, cooking equipment and all household appliances which save consumption of electrical power
  •          Improved building envelope for thermal properties such as UV, solar heat gain coefficient and many more.

It also includes site selection, water use reduction, water efficient landscaping, optimising energy performance, reduction of carbon emissions which will add value not only to a country’s built environment but also to international eco-friend on a global scale.   

Sustainable design and construction

Date: March 7, 2016

Time: 6.30pm   

Where: Jeddah Centre for Forums and Events, Theatre B

Who should attend?

Management professionals, architects, engineers, developers, builders, project managers, buyers, contractors

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