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September 20, 2016

undefinedundefinedThe recently concluded Rio Olympic Games gave a glimpse into the conditioning and determination of athletes in pursuit of their dreams.

The teams behind Gulf Extrusions have their own track and field meets, every day of the week, round the clock. They sprint into action, set the bar high, overcome impossible odds and achieve record performances, consistently.

And while the company is not out there to collect medals, it has co-founded the Windows, Doors and Facades (WDF) event at the World Trade Centre on September 18-20, 2016, where its business capabilities will be on full display.

“The WDF is a very specialised exhibition where we would like to showcase our latest products, profiles and innovations,” said Dr. Hossam Mahmoud, the Gulf Extrusions Commercial Director.

“We keep developing day and night and contributing know-how to the industry, but are also interested in consumers’ feedback on our newest developments.”

WDF will be an opportunity for Gulf Extrusions to sit with clients, discuss and negotiate and put on display the company’s entire portfolio, including future expansions and current profile modifications.

“Different customers have different demands; and contractors, architects and consultants are looking for better performing products that suit their region’s regulations,” he said.

Traders and fabricators are more into prices and whether modifications match their budgets.

“WDF helps us understand whether our modifications are up to the expectations of both parties or not, but what distances us from competitors is our know-how, as every individual at Gulf Extrusion is a university by him or herself.”

“Gulf Extrusions is a unified team made up of target-focused individuals, and whereas you can spend money hiring top people, you can never pay them to get them to work together unless you have the right environment,” added Dr. Mahmoud.

While customer service is a cliché almost every successful company swears by, Gulf Extrusions takes it to another level.

On a personal level, Dr. Mahmoud is a marathon runner, travelling to several parts of Europe, Middle East and Asia seeking the impossible challenge.

“Give me a design that no one was able to solve and we will do it at Gulf Extrusions; where anyone else has failed, our designers will produce a sample in two-week’s time.”

As soon as the order is in, the real race starts, with the entire factory working to make sure the order is received at the best quality in the shortest time possible, just like a relay team running from one department to the next, passing the baton to the next team member and then the next, all the way to the finish line,” asserted Dr. Mahmoud.

This year is one of the most successful years for Gulf Extrusions, and needed to add more production capacity in its Abu Dhabi factory, a 50% joint venture with SENAAT, to meet dynamic UAE and international demand.

“We have a factory production of 50 thousand tons in Dubai and this year we added 2 more presses in Abu Dhabi just to meet customer demand, bringing an additional 20 thousand tons towards the goal of reaching 120 thousand tons by 2018.”

With that, Gulf Extrusions would be the biggest manufacturer in the ME, Africa and India too.

And the company does not only manufacture to order, but also designs its own architectural profiles.

“In addition to tailoring to projects, we have our own standard designs and catalogues which we fine tune and where we can be really competitive because we own and control the entire supply chain, from raw materials up to the end product,” explains Dr. Mahmoud.

“We have close interaction with downstream markets and this capacity helps us add real value.”

The company also makes its mark with innovative products like X-ECO, Fire profiles (X87) and curved handrails, among others.

The X-ECO is a 100% green billet, from re-melted recycled scrap aluminum produced during the extrusion process at Gulf Extrusion’s UAE factories. 

“These recycled billets, consume less electricity when transformed into profiles and produce 60-80 per cent less carbon emissions for sustainable construction and contribution to the environment,” said Dr. Mahmoud.

“In addition to architectural profiles, Gulf Extrusions also boasts a large production for tent industries, where we provide the posts that carry the PVC or mesh which covers the tents; it’s a very big market for us and can reach nearly 18 per cent less of our production volume.”  

Gulf Extrusions also services several European markets such as in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and the UK.

“They do have extruders but we are a high quality firm and so we take our know-how and sell there successfully.”

“European customers are also more concerned with timely delivery than price and we are positioned to deliver on the spot, as we have warehouses for products and materials serviced by a large trucking fleet.”

Finally, Dr. Mahmoud said that two evident trends are governing the markets today.

“I see change going to slim, better performing profiles, aiming for high efficiency and performance, as well as 90-120 minute fire-rated profiles for building facades,” he said.

“It’s also hard to find a project that doesn’t require fire rated doors and windows. It’s a new culture.”

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