Reynaers: Keeping it in the family

September 22, 2016

undefinedReynaers is a leading European brand and specialist in developing and marketing innovative and sustainable solutions, mainly aluminium profiles for windows, doors, and curtain walls.

But being a family business, it takes that tradition of support to heart in all its dealings, whether with staff or clients.

“In 2004, when I established the Bahrain office, almost no one knew who Reynaers was in this region especially that our competitors had strong presence here nearly 40 years ahead of us,” said Ali Khalaf, Managing Director, Reynaers Middle East (ME). 

“But in a short period of time, we were able to put our name among the biggest in the ME, and now people know, seek and trust us, and our specs are part of every development project, small or large.”

Family advantage no.1:  Business Omnipresence

Any time clients need to inquire about a product, resolve a problem or seek advice, Reynaers ME is there with proper action, personnel, and product availability.

“Reynaers is about people you can easily reach, from the office boy to upper management,” says Khalaf.

but while access to people is important, access to products is even more crucial.

“One of things that makes us different is that, being a big international system supplier, we have a full range of price competitive, top of the line, products and accessories to satisfy every technical requirement of any size project or complexity,” declares Khalaf.

Family advantage no.2: Brutal honesty.

Naturally, a family is all about candour and authenticity.

“Another reason that people continue working with us is that they feel we are very honest, almost too honest,” laughs Khalaf.

“We are very concerned about our name and we don’t play around with that aspect of business so we sometimes lose projects because we tell the truth about what a project will cost, if it’s technically feasible and whether it can be delivered as per indicated project milestones.” 

Family advantage no.3: Large networks

The deeper the family tree, the more resources are available to seek advice and reach quicker resolutions.

Reynaers ME is a subsidiary of the Belgium parent company established in 1965, now a European powerhouse in its field, and the Bahrain operation is able to tap onto a global network of sister companies to seek assistance if and when needed. 

“Reynaers is a 50 year old family business where decision making is much faster than in listed corporations, and this has also allowed us to expand quickly,” said Khalaf.

Family advantage no.4:  Ideas and solutions

What good is a family if it can’t provide advice, and find solutions to those who need and seek it? Reynaers excels in the innovation it sells.

The company provides technical support from the early stages of a project to execution.

“We are different in that we can provide bespoke solutions to the project, with R&D at the core of our strength,” said Khalaf.

“Our R&D department in Belgium is spending time and money to make new products that can satisfy the most complex requirements not only in the region but for the entire world.”

Family advantage no.5:  New blood, new generations

Reynaers is a company of veteran talent and new recruits who help generate a growing portfolio and prized offspring of products and projects.

“I have a very good team that I have personally helped raise into leaders and who in turn have helped us reach this level of company-wide success,” says Khalaf.

“I put a lot of effort into my work, working day and night, and on weekends, to add new people, land new projects and grow this company.”

And grow it did.

“Every year, it’s different. It depends on the area where we get big projects,” says Khalaf.


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