Building and sustaining a PMO

May 21, 2017

undefinedQ: What benefits do PMOs bring to businesses in the construction sector? Why are they relevant?

A: The PMO role is quite important in the construction sector. It can provide great capability to the company and its client to supervise the project closely, as well as provide great governance that can suit the client, consultants and contractors, especially if you have multiple projects at the same time.

Utilising a PMO can also create a comprehensive archive of lessons learned to evaluate the end results and the processes after delivering each and every project.

Q: What trends do you see in the adaptation of PMOs in the GCC?

A: In my opinion, the need for PMOs will grow higher in the region as we are running to maximise our business benefits after delivering projects, especially depending on economic conditions.

Q: What makes a PMO truly successful in the construction industry?

A: Business customisation to the business culture of each and every company that is what makes for a PMO to become truly successful within the construction industry. What's important is not having processes but the application of these processes, which is called ‘process capability.’

Q: Why are traditional PMOs failing to meet the needs of businesses?

A: Simply because they act like the police! Businesses are often misled into believing that the role of the PMO is only to train and control the project management of a development, which can be one of the main reasons behind the failure in implementing the system. The PMO should act based on a very high profile in terms of business orientation.

Q: What are the main challenges faced by PMOs in the UAE and GCC construction businesses?

A: Not just in the UAE or the GCC, but worldwide, the main challenge is showing the value behind the PMO and sustaining this value during the operation of the project in order to show our customers and senior management real business benefits. Depending on this information, a PMO will either be outsourced or even cancelled.

Q: Is there any difference in setting up a PMO within small medium businesses vs big corporations?

A: Yes, of course. We have to analyse the main reason behind establishing the PMO - what do we need from the PMO, what is the relationship between the PMO and our core business and finally the readiness of our organisation to receive and run the PMO.


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