Building a construction city

December 09, 2018

undefinedHow does the construction sector relate to KIZAD’s mission and activities?

KIZAD is a dynamic, integrated trade, logistics and industrial hub that caters to a wide array of industries, and construction is a significant pillar of our diversified business strategy. The UAE’s construction sector has ongoing projects valued at over $200bn, representing enormous business opportunities for growth and we are only just tapping into its potential. 

What benefits can construction companies expect from investing in KIZAD?

Ultimately, KIZAD is designed to provide companies with an efficient environment for doing business at low operating costs that will allow them to thrive and prosper. KIZAD Construction City represents an ideal environment for setting up storage and logistics facilities and offers a seamlessly connected, cost effective and close-to-market hub for the import, manufacture, storage and distribution of construction materials. 

The City is strategically located midway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, offering space for construction projects of any scale. We provide tailor-made solutions with flexible-term lease contracts, and bonded storage for imported and not-yet-required materials. Construction companies also benefit from the tech-driven infrastructure and the interconnected hub system in KIZAD, ensuring sustainable growth of their operations.

Port connectivity is another edge - the City is adjacent to fast-growing and semi-automated Khalifa Port which serves 25 of the world’s major shipping lines with connections to 70 global ports and the upcoming COSCO terminal will add 1000+ global port-to-port connections. The City also provides seamless access to new and uncongested highways offering easy truck access across the UAE. 

Tell us more about KIZAD’s future development plans

We benefit from a prime location at the crossroads of east and west, with many direct liner connections to Asia and the rest of the world, offering logistical savings for imports that can be passed down right the way along the supply chain.

From the initial stages of planning the enormous project that is KIZAD, the leadership in Abu Dhabi envisioned an industrial city that will be the economic growth engine of the region. As such, our vision for the future – aligned with Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 - is to further enable global trade and the flow of FDI to Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the region.

To that end, we are investing in infrastructure, technologies and innovations, and a skilled workforce to provide a fertile business ecosystem for companies that are joining our free zone and industrial zone. We are also expanding KIZAD Construction City as part of our ongoing growth plans with new light industrial units for smaller scale manufacturing, serviced land plots that can accommodate both small scale businesses and mega projects, and pre-built warehouses that are ideally located near major construction projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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