Built from the Ground Up

March 15, 2018

undefinedOver more than three decades, UAE-based engineering consultant in design and project management, Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (ARACO) has overseen the development of more than 1,200 projects across the country.

The company provides complete consulting services from the design stage through to supervision and project management across residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the UAE.

Its clients benefit from in-depth regional and local knowledge combined with deep experience in design standards and international best practice. Its team of architects has designed and managed projects that vary from small private villas to large residential and commercial development complexes.

ARACO’s team of engineers recommend highly efficient systems that meet the client’s requirements and budget. Its mechanical and electrical engineers work closely together to provide sustainable design solutions to produce healthy and energy efficient buildings.

Currently the company boasts a diversified portfolio consisting of residential multi-storied towers and villas, commercial buildings, hospitality and industrial projects including manufacturing plants, cold stores, and warehouses. It works across the UAE in locations such as Dubai’s Silicon Oasis, Jumeirah Village Circle, Business Bay, Al Garhood and Sheikh Zayed Road.

“The company’s primary area of expertise lies in the capabilities to design, construct, and supervise the creation of magnificent structures,” explains Eng. Rahim Bani Zaman Lari, who founded ARACO in 1987 and is still the managing director. “We have gained ample experience and expertise over the decades to challenge conventional wisdom, go against the flow, and swim upstream with bold ideas.”

As the local property market continues to shift away from an emphasis on high-end developments, ARACO sees itself as well placed to meet burgeoning demand for mid-level developments across the UAE, helping to deliver quality projects in on tight budgets. 

“The construction market in the UAE is evolving rapidly,” Eng. Lari says. “For instance, as the market continues to mature, there is a prerogative to save costs by employing the newest technologies to save on labour, energy and operational costs for the developer, contractor, and owner. We see the biggest opportunities in developing designs that meet limited budgets, and adhering to the new demand for mid-level developments as opposed to the high-end demands that previously characterised the UAE construction sector.”

undefinedAlthough the construction market remains stable and growing across the MENA region, Eng. Lari says that current economic conditions mean project delivery is in some cases held up because of delayed payments. A reduction in the scope of work to meet limited budgets is also not uncommon these days, he says.

undefinedundefinedIn addition to rising demand for mid-level property developments in both the commercial and residential sectors, Eng. Lari points at the integration of new technologies into the construction landscape across the MENA region as a key trend. Innovations such as 3D printing, artificial intelligent technologies for smart and green buildings, are increasingly been included in the design phase of projects, he says. To keep pace with the latest developments, ARACO develops its human resources and knowledge about the trends, so that it can judge its applicability for each client’s project.

Over the decades ARACO has focused heavily on developing its talent base by employing the best creative minds from diverse backgrounds. Its organisational development ensures strict quality control, utilising value-engineering practices in different design stages to deliver maximum building efficiency, taking into consideration all the engineering design limitations for the benefit of the client while avoiding establishing unnecessary layers of management. 

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