Quality Control

March 26, 2018

Give us a brief summary of your talk

The talk will describe Quality Control and Quality Assurance methods of Deep Foundations. The talk includes an overview of recent advances in field testing and integrity testing methods of bored piles. The talk will include the application of Dynamic Load testing for the determination of the capacity of bored piles.

undefinedA brief description will be given for various QA/QC methods to ensure construction quality and integrity of deep foundations including Thermal Integrity, Cross Hole Sonic testing and other Integrity methods. The talk will also touch on the economics of testing, optimised designs and the resulting benefits to owners.

What are the different types of testing you can do?

The testing techniques include Thermal Integrity testing, Cross Hole Testing, Low Strain Integrity testing and Dynamic Load testing of deep foundations of bored piles.

Does the Middle East present particular challenges given the climate and soft earth?

The aggressive GCC environment calls for good quality control measures of installed foundations. Ground water table can be aggressive and pile reinforcement cover needs to be assessed to ensure the desired durability. As a result, deep foundations need to be constructed in a proper, safe and cost effective manner in order to satisfy the project specifications and guard against aggressive environmental conditions of the region.

Does this kind of work have special relevance in the Middle East given the number of tall buildings and soft earth?

Good QA/QC is essential for construction of deep foundations. The price of rectifying faulty foundations can be extremely expensive and time consuming not to mention any associated safety hazards. Testing and QA measures allows for both optimised and safe designs to the benefit of all involved in the foundation construction industry.

Who might benefit most by attending your presentation?

The talk will be suitable for consultants, owners, contractors and governmental officials who specify testing of deep foundations and consume load testing and integrity testing reports.

STREAM: Geotechnical and Foundations Engineering Summit
TOPIC: Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Deep Foundations
DATE: 27 March 2018
TIME: 12.45 – 13.15



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