Civil Manager

  • Date Created
    September 03, 2015

Job Purpose:


To effectively and efficiently perform internal audit reviews of Civil Engineer works as a separate component of project / real estate development across Emaar Group business units with the objective of providing Senior Management an assurance that the following are aligned strategically and functionally towards the achievement of overall company objectives:


Ø  Effective and efficient utilization and safeguarding of Emaar resources from a project-risk perspective;

Ø  Reliability and integrity of information provided to Senior Management by the Development and Projects team as well as appointed Consultants, from pre-concept and design stage all the way to the construction and project handover;

Ø  Adequate system of internal control, risk management and corporate governance within Civil Engineer works and related functions; and

Ø  Compliance with Emaar Policies and Procedures, local regulatory requirements, and best industry practices as far as Civil Engineer works is concerned.



Key Accountabilities:

·         Assist the Assistant Director, Internal Audit in developing and maintaining Civil Engineer works annual risk assessment, annual audit plan and updates to the Senior Management and Audit Committee. Annual audit plan should focus on the review of high-risk Civil Engineer work areas identified during risk identification and assessment exercise.


·         Ensure that the internal audit programs under the audit cycle stated in the Annual Internal Audit Plan are properly executed to provide assurance that the objectives stated under the Internal Audit role in the Internal Audit Charter are aligned towards the achievement of overall company objectives.


·         Plan and schedule Civil Engineer work audits and reviews in consideration of staffing availability and audit priorities, sometimes managing multiple Civil Engineer projects concurrently, including special ad-hoc investigations and consultancy works as may be requested by Emaar Senior Management.


·         Ensure that audit assignments are conducted in accordance with the International Auditing Standards and Professional Code of Ethics as well as Standards and other regulatory requirements relating to Civil Engineer works.


·         Review and ensure that audit report is prepared in a concise manner and that audit issues are placed in appropriate context with recommendations presented in a persuasive manner for proper implementation by the auditees.


·         Demonstrate effective time management skills by ensuring that audit assignments are completed within time budgets and calendar schedules while handling multiple jobs and maximize productivity.


·         Communicate effectively and professionally with business unit / department management throughout the audit process with regard to developing a mutually effective audit work schedule, conducting audit status meetings, and leading the entrance and exit meetings / conferences.


·         Establish and maintain effective business relationships within the organization and maintain knowledge of assigned operating business units / functional departments.


·         Perform administrative functions to support the Internal Audit Department as and when deemed necessary.


Job Context:


·         The position reports to the Assistant Director of Internal Audit. The job holder works closely with the audit team and provides guidance and counselling as required and directed by Assistant Director of Internal Audit.


·         The job holder is responsible for and will be actively involved in covering the entire audit cycle, from planning the audit engagement and definition of audit objectives through to the execution and documentation of audit works as well as communicating and reporting of audit results.


·         The job holder is expected to produce or assist in producing a draft and final audit report within the agreed timeframe and to present the findings of that report to the owner of the area audited. It is particularly important that the audit findings are transparent and are fully covered by supporting evidence. The conclusions provided in the report form the basis for improvement or change.



Desired Skills and Experience

Qualifications, Experience & Skills:


a)    Master’s/Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering


b)    Minimum 8-10 years relevant industry experience (with mandatory projects – internal audit experience).


c)    Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in understanding of internal audit concepts and risk assessment exercise.


d)    Ability to understand all type of technical drawings e.g. Architectural, Structural, MEP, Services, Landscape, Reinforcement etc.


e)    Knowledge of standard contract terms and conditions, especially FIDIC.


f)     Knowledge of Standard method of measurement, BOQ preambles, technical & commercial correspondence


g)    Ability to understand and assess the various techniques and best practices on tendering, contract management and quantity surveying




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