Planning Engineer - UAE

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    February 15, 2017


Posted 14 Feb 2017 
Ref: RP289-01


A construction planner creates and maintains construction and engineering schedules. This aspect of the job is very important because of time frames that must be met and certain benchmarks that must be accomplished when constructing certain components of a project. The construction planner must also monitor cost in every phase of the construction project and communicate with management regarding delays, financing and materials management.


The planner must be able to work with other functions outside of the scope of project management. He must work closely with a procurement specialist to ensure that items or services needed match the needs of the project. The construction planner may work with construction engineers or managers throughout a construction project. Oral and written communications are important assets for planners. He may be called upon to meet with investors pertaining to a new construction project and must be computer savvy in using industry-related software. The planner must also have problem-solving skills.



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