Structural Engineer - Design - UAE

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    July 17, 2017

Posted 16 July 2017 

Ref: HP094-2252

The candidate is required to perform the below: 

Design of bridges, tunnels and other structures using the latest engineering software and design codes
Review designs of bridges, tunnels and other structures performed by in-house staff and by external consultants
Prepare specifications, design reports and other related documents
Perform interdisciplinary coordination
Conduct reviews
Coordinate with construction staff to address site related design issues
Perform other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.
Preferably with Masters in Structural Engineering.
6-9 years of work experience with progressive levels of responsibilities in Structural Design field.
Preferably with 3 years of work experience in the Gulf region.
Extensive experience in designing pre-stressed concrete box girder bridges, pre-stressed girder bridges, and other bridges for major roadway projects.
Preferably with structural steel bridges, and segmental bridges design experience.
Good working knowledge of AASHTO design guidelines and latest structural design software.
Preferably with experience using BIM, Rivet, and Midas software.
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