Construction Supervision Engineer - Kuwait

  • Date Created
    April 12, 2018

Job description

- Notify the office of any discrepancies identified against contract documents in order for corrective action to be taken
- Assist in resolving any issues raised by contractors (e.g. requirements for time extensions, change order requests, variations etc); make recommendations to the office as appropriate
- Review related items within the contractor’s construction schedule (CCS) (e.g. shop drawing submittal log, procurement schedule, and material submittal log etc.) prior to its approval by the office
- Monitor contractor activities and ensure contractors have submitted work according to schedule
- Inspect related procured construction materials delivered to the site, to ensure compliance against ministerial requirements and specifications/contract documents/approvals
- Ensure that all materials delivered on site are being adequately stored and protected as per manufacturer’s recommendations in order to avoid damage of materials
- Prepare weekly and monthly construction progress reports
- Ensure the maintaining of onsite quality control (e.g. through thorough testing of materials and verifying of materials, adequate storage of materials, contractor’s submittal of written undertakings, warranty and protection of installed systems etc.)
- Contribute to managing the health and safety of all on-site personnel; report any observed safety violations to the office and/or Safety Inspector (if available)
- Attend meetings (e.g. progress meetings, coordination and specially called meetings with clients etc.) as and when required.
- Ensure that the contractors submittals to local ministries are carried out in a timely manner as specified in contract documents
- Approve the As-built drawings submitted by the contractor and all related information after construction completion
- Review and recommend any changes deemed necessary of drawings
- Inspect the completed work, arrange for rectification, evaluate at commissioning, performance certification and warranty assessment



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