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    April 08, 2018

To prepare, proposed and submit a competitive Commercial Bid to client following all necessary requirement as stated in the provided Tender Documents upon the final approval of the Top Management.



Procurement Work

1. Preparation of Subcontractor/Supplier Packages which includes BOQ, specifications and drawings.

2. Sending RFQ to the Subcontractors/Suppliers Packages.

3. Upon receiving the quotations, analyze, clarify and discuss the balance, inclusions/exclusions, and the possible percentage of discount from the provided quotations.



1. Apply the agreed rate / discounts on the Pricing BOQ for supplied materials and subcontractor/specialist work to the subsequently come up with the Cost Proposal for Tender Project at hand.

2. Prepare the comparison sheets for subcontract/supply packages.

3. Prepare the Tender Summary for the Tender Project reflecting both Cost and proposed Overhead & Profit.

4. Present the Bid Proposal to the Top Management and await the Final Agreed Bid and Offered Amount to the Client.

5. Modify / adjust the submitted Bid Proposal based on the new requirement of the Client.


Post Tender Work:

1. Adjust the submitted Bid Proposal based on the new requirement of the client.

2. Provide detailed clarifications after tender submission as requested by the client/consultant.

3. Revalidated and reconfirmed the Subcontractor/Supplier based on the new requirement from the client.


Other Responsibilities:

Preparation of abstract and monthly executive presentations as per management requirements.



Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering
5-7 years of experience with contracting companies (in Pre-Tender/ Post Tender Position in 3-5 Years)



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