Senior Façade Access Engineer / Designer - Dubai

  • Date Created
    May 10, 2018

Job description


  • Review architectural, structural drawings and specifications 
  • Provide façade access and options according to business strategy. 
  • Prepare façade access and building maintenance design report and drawings, based on project/client requirements 
  • Coordinate with structural engineers to review the structural adequacy of façade access system design and, bracket etc. as per specifications or to the relevant specification as per industry practice. 
  • Coordinate with mechanical engineers for water and power input to the building maintenance units. 
  • Coordinate with the project architect and landscape architect for the maintenance access path design 
  • Prepare compliance statements, technical submittal and presentation as per tender submittal conditions. 
  • Prepare coordinated design drawings, specifications, system descriptions and testing and commissioning requirements. 
  • Attending design/coordination meetings, as well as preparing notes for records and pass information to the team. 

Qualification and Experience 

  1. At least ten years of façade access and building maintenance industry experience from both consultant and contractor 
  2. Understand various façade access systems, construction details and latest facade access technology development 
  3. Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, with an understanding of business communication protocols.     
  4. Have site working/inspection experience 
  5. Strong project/design management skills

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