Air-conditioner gas is the latest target for counterfeiters and Mexichem is on a mission to educate the industry

 | March 11, 2015

The same is true of products like designer clothing and handbags but increasingly fakes are cropping up in other sectors, from electric cabling that does not meet safety standards, wiring that is too thin for the electrical load or  concrete rebar that fails to meet international safety standards. 

Sometimes the buyer doesn't even realise they are buying cheap and often dangerous building materials. 

Now air-conditioning refrigerants are under the spotlight as there is increasing evidence that fakers are moving in. Tough new worldwide regulations aimed at saving the earth’s ozone layer by banning damaging refrigerants are forcing whole industry sectors to change.

Mexichem is the world's largest company of its kind involved in the process from raw material to delivery to the consumer and is the largest producer of fluorspar. It attended The Big 5 Saudi to help educate manufacturers and service engineers about the change.

Mexichem has 70 years in the business of manufacturing refrigerant gases and part of its attendance at the huge Jeddah show was to talk about the future ban of R22, and to offer an alternative.

Matt Hicks is Mexichem’s Global Communications Manager (pictured right with Madhu Kumar, ME Regional Sales Manager). Hicks says that fake air-conditioning gas is an increasing problem and it is vital that manufacturers, who are already banned from using R134a in new air-con units in Europe, understand both their options in replacing R22 and the importance of sourcing genuine, quality products.

Equally service engineers and the HVAC sector must understand that recharging existing units has to undergo change.

KLEA is one of the most recognised refrigerant gas names in the world and it is sold by Mexichem.

“We have had a really positive response here in Saudi Arabia so far and The Big 5 Saudi 2015 has offered us the opportunity to meet and work with people to ensure compliance across both the new and existing unit sector,” said Hicks.

"It is important that OEM manufacturers and the aftermarket look for reliable, quality products as the industry moves away from R22 and towards products such as R410A.”

Mexichem Fluor can be found in Hall 1 at The Big 5 Saudi 2015 on Stand A79


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