Viking Gulf sets its sights on the FM sector in the UAE

 | May 20, 2015

undefinedViking Gulf established itself in the UAE over 30 years ago when its founder and Chairman Imad Mahaini headed to the GCC from Denmark to start the company.

“Business is changing, and we decided to exhibit at FM Expo because the facilities management industry has really seen growth over the last couple of years,” Mahaini said.

Viking has made a name for itself in the professional cleaning systems and hygiene solutions business, beginning in 1987 by introducing Viking Katrin paper products to the UAE. 

Over the years its product portfolio grew and so did the company, largely focusing on the hospitality and healthcare sectors and servicing commercial buildings.

Mahaini said: “After expanding into other products over the years, we’d like to think as Viking as a ‘one stop shop’ for all cleaning and hygiene solution needs.”

As the company’s first time at FM Expo, the chairman expressed his interest in the facilities management industry and is currently targeting the business in the UAE market as well as in Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

“The FM industry in the UAE is by far the most advanced and organized in the GCC. Though other markets are catching up, we are currently focusing on strengthen our project portfolio locally as there is much to do in the building sector,” he added.

Viking Gulf currently has a massive product line of cleaning and hygiene equipment for waste management as well as air care, paper products, soap products and a wide range of cleaning chemicals among others.

“The equipment and cleaning solutions that we use are mainly US and European products that are very high-quality,” continued Mahaini.

From a focus on cleaning companies to airports, Viking Gulf is now looking towards the FM sector and has so far seen a positive outlook from their participation in the FM Expo 2015.

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