Saudi Arabia to have four industrial cities for women

 | November 15, 2015

undefinedThe Saudi Organization for Industrial Estates and Technology Zones (Modon) announced that it will establish four new industrial cities in Jeddah, Yanbu, Qassim and Al-Jouf.

Modon is in the process of coordinating with other parties to allocate industrial land to establish the cities, which will be designated areas for the employment of women, local media reported.

The organization’s Marketing and Public Relations Director Sami Al-Husseini said that Modon is applying a strategy to establish units for employment that meet international standards, are completely environmentally friendly, and that have special designs that take into account the Saudi woman and her specific needs.

He said that these industrial estates will be established near major population centres so as to attract investments to support women working in various fields. Such establishments will also ensure ease of access to public transport, crèches and kindergartens.

Al-Husseini said that Saudi women are increasingly becoming strong economic players in the kingdom, with growing numbers working in the industrial, quality, and human resources sectors in managerial positions and product development programmes.

Modon’s first industrial city for women, the Oasis in Al-Ahsahas had a real economic benefit, creating a significant number of jobs.

The city, which is 500,000 square metres south of Hafouf near the airport, has more than 80 factories with 20 up-and-running factories at a total cost of $23 million, including industrial, trade and service sectors that have been very attractive for women so far.



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