Oman rail on track, officials say

 | August 28, 2016

undefinedOman will continue with its ambitious rail link plan, according to the government body which has now taken charge of the project.

The country’s own internal rail network plan is still on track despite the greater GCC network line being put on hold as a result of continued low oil prices, said the government's logistics group, according to the Times of Oman.

The oil price dip has also forced some partner countries in the Gulf to shelve plans for the time being.

"The rail project is still going ahead - we are still working on it. Our engineers are still working on the rail project," said John Lesniewski, Group Chief - Commercial Officer from the Oman Global Logistic Group (OGLG), during a press meet introducing the new company.

"As you know, when we were developing the rail project, the key starting point of every presentation is that the rail network is going to connect the three major ports and to integrate those ports with the GCC rail networks," he said.

The Oman Railway Project is designed to link all three major ports in the country including Salalah, Sohar and Duqm and will provide a major logistics boost to the country.

The multi-billion GCC Railway Network - a huge railway system of 2,117 km designed to connect Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman - was earlier slated for completion in 2018.

Lesniewski added that the GCC rail network has slowed down due to the financial situation and has been reassessed.

"There will be a meeting with the ministers during the fall (autumn) at which time they will assess the new targets for the GCC rail project," he said.

"We will align our Oman rail project with the GCC but the rail project is still going ahead and we are working on it. It is a vital part of the logistics grid that the country will need to be successful," he said.

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