The Big 5 Saudi 2016: Pozzolan at its best

 | March 09, 2016

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Imerys SA is a French multinational company which specialises in the production and processing of industrial minerals.

Executive Manager Bassam Adnan Salem said: “Imerys is a prominent name in the world and it can add value to the market of KSA. Our main aim is to promote our new joint venture ‘Imerys Mineral Arabia’. And we need to improve the notability of our new patented product Micrasil which will be launched for the first time in the world in Saudi Arabia. The product will also replace some well-known alternatives in the local market. We want to create the first early inoculation of sales of this product at The Big 5 Saudi.”

What attracted the company to the show is the sheer potential of the Saudi market. “The Saudi market is very promising and an important target for our business because our product is extremely useful in the concrete business. We believe that Micrasil will prove itself as the best ever known natural pozzolana in the world.

Micrasil has the unique properties of a superior pozzolana which is also cost effective. We need to be careful in introducing this product to the local market where alternatives have been used for ages. That is the only challenge we face but I am sure that Micrasil will trump its competitors.

Imerys is headquartered in Paris and is a constituent of the CAC Mid 60 index.

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