Rubber World Industries to invest $2million expanding Ajman factory

November 24, 2016

undefinedThe expansion will involve additional lines, new machinery, equipment and new laboratory for Research and Development.

RWI, a manufacturer of closed-cell rubber insulation Gulf-O-flex in the Gulf and South East Asia and part of the international business conglomerate, the Shaikhani Group of Companies, said the expansion will triple the manufacturer's production capacity within the first quarter of 2017 to account for increased prospects for the manufacturing sector.

The company is considering further expansion both in the UAE and overseas to drive revenue growth, increase sales and products in existing markets.

The expanded facility will also play a key role in the further expansion of the distribution channel in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

RWI has been using The Big 5 to introduce Glass Wool Thermal Insulation to its line of products. The product is thermal insulation in the form of boards and sheet rolls manufactured from stable glass fibres bonded with thermo setting resins, and free from coarse fibres and shot. This makes it easy to handle and cut to fit rectangular ducts and air handling equipment.

In addition, the company is showcasing the complete range of HVAC products including rubber insulation tubes and sheets, glue and seals, insulation tapes, flexible ducts, anti-vibration pads, glass wool insulation and duct cloth.

At present, the manufacturer holds 60% share of the Middle East rubber insulation market and has recorded over AED 42 million in sales revenues in 2015.

The company is also currently supplying 55% of the region's requirements for rubber insulation pipes and sheets, and other rubber-derived products.
"The burgeoning demand for high quality rubber insulation products has steered our focus towards increasing our production capacity, while utilising the latest R&D technologies to further enhance our products' performance," said Rizwan Shaikhani, Managing Director, Rubber World Industries.

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