Qatar slashes FIFA budget to half & reduces number of stadiums

April 09, 2017

undefinedThe infrastructure spend bill for the World Cup is expected to reduce to between $8 billion and $10 billion, said a CNN report. This indicates a 40-50% reduction from the initial budget, according to Hassan Al Thawadi, who heads the tournament’s organising committee. The report added that most of the money is expected to go into stadium and training ground works.

“We wanted to ensure there is financial responsibility in relation to the infrastructure relating to the World Cup. That’s why we had set an initial budget early on and made a commitment towards reducing it as the market became clearer, as the project became clearer, as we define the scope,” Al Thawadi told CNN.

The country is also considering reducing the number of planned stadiums. Qatar has proposed to build 8 stadiums instead of the original 12, which will include 7 new stadiums as well as upgrading the Khalifa International Stadium. The committee is still in discussions with FIFA, the governing body of international soccer.


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