Jeddah Tower will open by 2019

May 14, 2017

undefined“It is a solid concrete building unlike the one announced in Dubai which is considered as a skeleton. This is why our tower will be the tallest in the world,” Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, whose affiliated Jeddah Economic Company is developing the tower, told the press.

He also said the final height of the building would be revealed 6 months before its completion, when the size of the spire at the top will also be revealed. He pointed out that the tower is expected to progress slowly and steadily, “Construction of the Jeddah Tower will rely on cutting-edge technology, including the high-strength reinforced concrete and the pumps used to elevate it to record heights.”

The overall construction cost of the tower and the surrounded economic city is around $20 billion. Prince Alwaleed added the project would help create hundreds of jobs for our Saudi youth and will boost tourism in the Kingdom.

Jeddah Tower currently stands 220m tall and 50 floors high. The central core containing elevator shafts and stairwells has reached Level 50.

The Jeddah Tower is Phase 1 of the whole Kingdom City project, with Phase 2 consisting of building all other infrastructure such as several other skyscrapers, apartment buildings and other social centres. Phase 3 will include promoting the City by encouraging tourism.


Source: Saudi Gazette

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