Biotecture brings walls to life at The Big 5

November 29, 2017

undefinedUK-based Biotecture has brought its flexible, modular living wall system to The Big 5 this year.

The Biowall is a patented hydroponic system that brings a new level of sustainability to vertical green walls through intelligent water management and stable system dynamics.

Richard Sabin, managing director of Biotecture, says: “We have a full set of green wall products here at the show.

"We have internal and external green walls with all natural planting complete with irrigation systems. They are all hydroponic so there’s no soil within the system.

“This is our fifth time exhibiting at The Big 5, but it’s the first time we showcase on a big scale. The product has proved successful in the region. We had to prove that it would work outdoors in the UAE, as temperatures are hot and different from the UK, but we have forty outdoor projects here in the UAE now, all of which are successful.”

Sabin says the company spent two summers experimenting with various plants and checking which species worked well in local conditions. They found 12 species of plants they are very satisfied that work outdoors in this part of the world.

He adds that the company’s clients are generally commercial developers and that it works mainly with airports, offices, schools and hospitals.

In the UAE Biotecture works through a company called Uniflora, part of Tanseeq Investment LLC. “They understand how plants work inside offices and outside as well,” Sabin says.

He adds: “The show’s been good. The first day was quieter than the second day, but that’s always the case with The Big 5. The second day has been busy with lots of people from all over the region, which has been very interesting.”

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