Expo 2020 Dubai related projects worth $43bn

April 09, 2018

undefinedThe top 10 active projects linked to Expo 2020 Dubai are worth close to $33bn (AED120bn), according to project intelligence provider BNC Network.

The estimated total value of all major Expo-related construction activities is $42.5bn (AED 156bn) in Dubai, the report says.

Major infrastructure and transport projects account for $17.4bn while ongoing commercial and residential projects are worth $13.2bn and hospitality related projects total $11bn.

The report comes barely two and a half years before the Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off in October 2020.

Major projects in development include the expansion of Al Maktoum International Airport’s Phase I, which tops the list with a value of $8bn.

This is followed by The Villages at Dubai South which has a value of $6.8bn, according to BNC Network.

The $6.6bn Dubai Exhibition City will create a new hub for business exhibitions and trade fairs and help Dubai attract more business visitors to keep the city’s hotels busy.

A key transport project is the Dubai Metro Red Line extension to the site of Expo 2020, worth $2.9bn.

As many as nine out of the top 10 Expo-linked projects are located at Dubai South or directly connected to the mega city, the report says.

Avin Gidwani, CEO of BNC Network, says: “As evident from the hectic construction activities, Expo 2020 projects have kept Dubai’s construction sector busy which have a knock-on positive impact on the overall economy.

“This in turn will help the economy and the consumption stable. The number of construction cranes and workers has gone up significantly within Dubai South – where the Expo 2020 village will be located.

“Once completed, Dubai South and Dubai as a whole, will become another integrated, sustainable city that will have the Al Maktoum International Airport as its centre-piece,” Gidwani says.

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