Arada unveils smart city plans for Aljada community

November 15, 2018

undefinedArada has announced plans to create one of the UAE’s smartest cities at Aljada, the urban megaproject located in the heart of Sharjah.

Among the innovations to be introduced at the 24 million square foot development are a special lane for electric vehicles, smart parking, smart solar-powered lighting and ‘circular’ offices.

The aim of these initiatives is to provide residents, workers and visitors to with technology that adds value, improves quality of life, saves money and also supports the environment.

In the early stages of the smart city project, Arada’s development team will focus on five key areas: mobility, utilities, telecommunications, the ‘circular economy’, and waste management.

All these areas will be supported by ultra-secure, high-end digital infrastructure that will be managed centrally within the community.

Arada is currently in negotiations with several multinational companies with extensive experience in smart technology and will be announcing new partnerships in the coming months.

In the mobility sphere, Aljada will contain a number of smart technology solutions, including: a Traffic Management System that allows for congestion-free movement around the city; a smart parking app that will allow residents and visitors to reserve spaces at key destinations within the city such as Aljada’s Central Hub; and public and private charging stations for electric cars.

In addition, Arada will also introduce a Sustainability Lane into the road network, which will be reserved for the use of Aljada’s internal public transport network of environmentally friendly buses.

Arada will implement smart solar solutions across public spaces, and in particular in the Central Hub, the leisure and entertainment district in the heart of the project. The developer is aiming to ensure that the lighting requirements for this area of is entirely powered by renewable energy. In addition, smart LED street lighting throughout Aljada will provide significant cost savings in the long term, as well as reducing urban carbon emissions.

In the waste management space, Arada will implement hi-tech solutions that will enable municipal teams to track waste levels in individual bins and optimise routes for refuse collection vehicles, a measure that will reduce fleet fuel consumption and improve efficiency.

In the telecommunications space, Aljada’s digital infrastructure will offer 5G, alongside free Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces. Arada will also work to develop the ‘circular economy’ within the city, providing workers with the option to ‘smart lease’ office space, rooms or even workstations based on real-time occupancy data. In addition, a concierge app will provide every service that the city provides – from food delivery to dry cleaning - to each registered resident of Aljada, at no extra cost.

Launched in September 2017 by His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, Aljada will be delivered in phases starting in 2019 with the entire project expected to be completed by 2025.


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