Technology is Key to Meeting Kenya’s Construction Demands
By Maye Edwin

Experts from Google and Autodesk shed light on current uptake of tech solutions in Kenya’s construction sector, at a time when professionals look to find more time and cost effective building solutions in hope of meeting the country’s growing transport, residential and infrastructure demands.

According to Maye Edwin, Web Developer and Technology Advocate for Google, adoption of technology in Kenya’s construction sector is in its early phase. For example, drone technology is not yet widely adopted for commercial use – Maye cites that better government policies would be of great value here.

Maye goes on to insist that along with better government strategy, knowledge sharing is key in leading the transition.

Also holding back adoption of technology in the construction industry is the notion that it is a means of cutting jobs. Emmanuel Maenda, AEC Technical Sales Specialist at Autodesk reinforces that technology instead helps to improve the way we already work.

Specifically, he foresees that document management systems, along with the usage of drones to perform engineering inspections, are the next technological solutions to be widely adopted in the African market.

“The local construction industry in the recent past had at times grappled with traditional manual process and unmanageable deliverables. The digitization of construction however is resulting in faster approvals and timely, on budget, delivery of projects,” says Emmanuel.

About the author: Maye Edwin, Web Developer and Technology Advocate for Google.