Opinion Piece: Tackling Policy and Championing Diversity Will Help Businesses to Empower Women
By Morgan Tuckness

A healthy mix of people with diverse background, ages and genders make for the best workplace, according to Morgan Tuckness, Head of Technical Services & Development - Global Hospitality at Drees & Sommer.

A success story in her own right, Tuckness has a rich experience throughout multiple stages of construction, be it design, standardization or consultancy, and has unique insight into how businesses in the sector can enable women to secure leadership roles.

Tuckness reports that when it comes to women working in the construction sector, there has been a big mental shift in the industry over the past few years, and definitely the inclusion of women professionals has become more important. Nevertheless, she highlights that a gap in policies that would enable women to perform and succeed in the sector, is presenting a huge challenge.

Where challenges are concerned, Tuckness looks to management, who must lead by example and be sensitive to the staff pool needs and requirements, they must embrace the added responsibility and implement a proper code of conduct and work environment.

To level the playing field and make it equal for both men and women, those in management positions can implement equal pay for equal work, ensure that maternity and paternity leave are mandatory paid time off (this ensures that it is not more beneficial for a company to hire a man rather than a woman), and could even “select diversity or equality champions across the organization, and authorising them to take action and make necessary changes,” say Tuckness.

Ultimately a company with an equal and satisfied workforce will not only retain and grow talent which will continue to thrive, but will also be more successful and profitable in the long-term.

About the author: Morgan Tuckness is the Head of Technical Services & Development - Global Hospitality at Drees & Sommer.