FM Panel on Legionella

May 31, 2017

An interactive online live stream panel was recently hosted by organisers of the FM Expo, the region’s dedicated facilities management exhibition, designed to shed light on best practice and expert advice on the prevention, monitoring, analysis and treatment for legionella in the built environment. 

“Legionella bacteria thrive in temperatures between 25 and 45 degrees C.  We must consider installing systems that are relatively simple and low cost – during the design phase if possible - to minimise bacterial growth. These include copper silver ionisation and stabilised hypochlorous acid,” said Rodger Macfarlane, Technical Director at Culligan, at the recently-held panel. He has advised companies across Europe and the ME and has helped clients deal with outbreaks since the 1980s and.

Legionella bacteria are the cause of potentially lethal illnesses such as Legionnaires disease and Pontiac fever. They therefore demand consideration in the design and management of water within our buildings.


Watch this live stream video to gain insights from the panel discussion.



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