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Dubai Exports talk Africa, and what's in it for UAE construction

Interview: Ahmed Al Omari, Director of Export Market Development, Dubai Exports

The Journey to an Energy-Efficient Future Starts with our Buildings

Opinion Piece: Marwan Zeidan, Real Estate and Healthcare Segment Director, Middle East...

Smart Buildings Enhances FM in the Covid-19 Era

Opinion Piece: Franco Atassi, Head of Smart Infrastructure at Simens Middle East...

Want to make the most of digitalisation in construction? Focus on people

Opinion Piece: Casey Rutland, Chair of BuildingSMART UK and Ireland...

The Big 5 Hub Insider Series: Garry Murray

Video Interview: Garry Murray

Sustainable Development and Transformation in Construction

Whitepaper: With sustainability taking a back seat to the global focus due to the COVID-19...

7 Trends Influencing Architecture Today

Trends: We’ve highlighted seven trends we believe will continue to shape the evolution...

Powering The Future Of Change

Whitepaper: Insights from the inaugural HVAC R Pioneers’ Summit on the growth opportunities...

Construction Culture Change

Whitepaper: The Big 5’s Women in Construction talks called not just for introspection, but for action

9 Trends
For Contractors

Trends: Money and how to save it define the standout trends that could keep contractors...

Turning Discussion
into Cohesive Action

Whitepaper: Insights from the exclusive CEO Forum that brought together 180+ leaders...

Tackling Policy And Diversity To Help Empower Women

Opinion Piece: Morgan Tuckness, Head of Technical Services & Development...

How Tech-Driven Facilities Can Promote Eco-Friendly Habits

Opinion Piece: Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Facilio

Smart Cities: Technology In Facilities Management

Opinion Piece: Suhas Inamdar, Wasl Properties Head of Technical Support & Planning...

5 Influential Engineering Trends Set To Shape The Future Of The Gcc

Trends: We’ve spotted trends that will have a lasting impact on engineers and...

Improved Indoor Air Quality Will Increase The Value Of Buildings

Opinion Piece: Azmi Aboul-Hoda, Managing Director at EMergy

Higher Utility Tariff Rates Help Owners To Go Green

Opinion Piece: Hassan Younes, partner at GRFN Consultants and President at ASHRAE...

5 Trends Changing The Work Of Construction Procurement Teams

Trends: Supply chain may be in for shake up if these five construction procurement trends...

The Future Of Urban Design And Landscaping Industry

Video Interview: Kourosh Salehi

The Evolution Of The Landscape Industry In Dubai

Video Interview: Don Sharp

Business Continuity Plans
during a global crisis

Whitepaper: Business continuity plans are critical...

Benefits Of Going Digital In The Construction Industry

Opinion Piece: Mark King, Reality Capture & BIM Solutions Manager at Leica Geosystems FZE

5 Project Management Trends On The Future Of The Construction Industry

Trends: Project management’s pivotal role set to grow more important as construction...

Technology Is Key To Meeting Kenya’s Construction Demands

Opinion Piece: Maye Edwin, Web Developer and Technology Advocate for Google

Technology In The Nigerian
Construction Industry

Opinion Piece: Babatunde Odunlami, Geomatics Engineer at China Civil Engineering Construction...

Debunking Myths
About Smart Buildings

Opinion Piece: Mohsen Haj, Senior Consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC)

9 Real Estate Trends Impacting The Regional Property Sector

Trends: We’ve picked nine trends quickly changing the real estate sector in the Gulf...

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