Preserving Air, Water and Land

A poorly maintained HVAC system is prone to biological contamination. This biological contamination occurs because of the formation of biofilm in your HVAC system; resembling a jelly or slime.

Furthermore, biofilms thrive because of the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mould which can be spread to the indoor air. When HVAC system are not well-maintained, indoor air quality will be affected and the health of the occupants will be affected too. As we spend most of our time indoors, the building’s wellness and indoor air quality should be taken seriously. This is because polluted indoor air is five times more dangerous than outdoor air.

What can we offer you? Universally, people are using harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach, acid-based chemicals, and alkali based chemicals. These chemicals can remove dirt and contaminants effectively but are often classified as hazardous and can cause harm to the environment as well as to the consumers and their assets/equipment.

Through meticulous research, we at Airestec have successfully invented a series of enzymebased cleaning/decontamination products as a greener and safer alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals. Our products are made from non-GMO, food-grade enzyme and ecofriendly active ingredients, which can also work effectively at neutral pH (6.5 to 7.5). It will not cause any damage or corrosion to consumers’ assets and presents no threat to the water table and aquatic ecosystem.

The importance of green technology Our product ranges are not only limited to HVAC Cleaning products, but also manufactured cleaning products for various hygiene applications. In short, our product is a lifestyle product, which preserves the air, water and land. We believe that we have the capability and credibility to contribute to the development of bio and green technology in Malaysia through our products, services, and research works. We are also committed to providing awareness to society regarding the importance and benefits of green technology.

As a proof of our commitment to promoting bio and green technology and developing environmentally friendly products, we have acquired the certificate of BioNexus Status Company from the Bioeconomy Corporation (formerly known as Biotech Corp); Eco Label from SIRIM QAS International; MyHijau Mark (for products and services) from Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech); and ISO 14001:2015 compliance from SGS Malaysia.

Additionally, our products are also certified as locally made (Buatan Malaysia) by KPDNKK and HALAL by JAKIM. Recently, our products have been certified as Nanoverified products by Nano Verify. This certification confirms that our products do not only incorporate the elements of biotechnology, but also nanotechnology.

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