The Masterstroke of Networking

Airmaster Equipments Emirates General Manager, A.R. Harshan discusses the significance of the his company, and the wider industry fraternity.

In today’s competitive marketing world, apart from providing the best services and innovative products, it is essential to have a fair knowledge of our competitors too.

Technology gives you the liberty to check your competitor’s website and keep a record of their clients’ feedback, but exhibitions give you an opportunity to watch all the market leaders concentrated in one place. It allows you to understand your competitors better by visiting their booths; thus helping you plan your next marketing strategy in a more efficient manner.

Since E-Marketing is not a viable option for the HVAC industry, we have to seek aid from exhibitions to build rapport and goodwill in the market.

As one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment in the United Arab Emirates, our biggest challenge has always been that of expanding internationally.


Aside from these long-term benefits we have also found that by participating at HVAC R Expo, there are some immediate advantages also.

Networking is the master stroke when it comes to marketing your business, and nothing can beat connecting with your audience personally. With just cold calling and emails, you will find that you are ignored, whereas meeting someone face-to face makes a huge difference. Standing out from the mass and getting your voice heard can appear challenging but with the right approach, you can make the most of it.

One of the most important benefits of participating in such an exhibition like HVAC R Expo is that it helps in creating brand proximity.

Exhibiting at industry events is an excellent way to raise your brand value and generate awareness. Understanding the importance of participating in an exhibition show will enable you to boost your advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

With the help of engaging and appealing exhibition stands, you can make your target audience come to your stand and engage with your brand. Once they develop a sense of brand closeness, they will automatically connect with your brand. This proximity benefits you as well since it helps you understand your target audience and their needs better.

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