Airgloss is a Pro

Airgloss ProSense is a pro-level environmental monitoring solution designed for commercial and industrial applications (offices, meeting rooms and other public spaces such as workspaces and schools), where air quality influences occupants’ wellbeing and health, with a direct impact on performance and productivity.

It features a cutting-edge gas sensing technology developed entirely by Airgloss (the Italian arm of Al Arif Air Conditioning Systems) using state-of-the-art MEMs sensor array and pattern recognition algorithms, specifically designed for indoor environmental monitoring.

Airgloss ProSense is easily set up over Wi-Fi and can detect a wide range of airborne contaminants, such as VOCs, carbon monoxide, CO2, NO2, methane, indoor temperature/humidity and background noise.

It integrates existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, working both individually and in tandem to monitor a single room, a floor, or even the entire building.

It can work in standalone configuration for air quality and environmental monitoring or is optionally able to control existing HVAC systems using wired Modbus or BACnet connectivity, performing intelligent air quality management through advanced demand control ventilation (Smart DCV).

Airgloss ProSense is compatible with most common HVAC systems, and contributes to creating more efficient environments through smart energy saving.


Moreover, Airgloss devices are always within reach through real-time monitoring and control over one intuitive management platform, the single-point solution to increase occupants’ comfort and health, and optimize energy efficiency.

Airgloss Management Platform can be accessed via web and mobile and is available as an app both on iOS and Android. Through its use, you can easily keep track of what happens in your environment, detect and solve any arising issues. The main features include a real-time overview of your indoor environment, complete data history, remote operations, access sharing options, HVAC control, customizable push notification and building management.

Airgloss ProSense is intended for a wide variety of commercial and industrial indoor spaces, to guarantee health, safety and comfort to occupants, without compromise. Some application examples include offices, hotel rooms, patient rooms and waiting areas in hospitals, real estate, classrooms and even transport modes.

This technology was initially developed for NASA in 2011, when three Airgloss sensors were installed on the International Space Station to monitor contaminants for the health and safety of the astronauts. Airgloss has been awarded by the European Space Agency the “ESA Space Solutions” trademark, created to give special recognition to products and services that make use of space technology and space provided services for everyday life.

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