Real-Time Evolutions

One of AMCS Technologies product includes the DCS 61-S (Driving Control System Safety) anti collision and zoning system. It is a new, complete safety system designed with a higher level of requirement to ensure the safe execution of orders to manage the machines in interference; and to ensure a slowing down and complete immobilization of the crane at a pre-set distance from an obstacle.

This new device will offer new features, in addition to the three essential functions (anticollision, zoning and display / data logger), to discover at the AMCS stand. Currently in the prototype stage, the company will also reveal the SUP BIM, its construction site supervisor in BIM. This tool allows clients to follow in real-time the evolution of the construction site in three dimensions from anywhere; but also to gather, to record and to visualize on a single screen the movements and the information of all the cranes equipped with the systems DCS 61- S or DCS 60 (slewing, travelling, lifting, load, events related to anti-collision, wind speed).

The SUP BIM allows to visualize the evolution of a construction site and its infrastructures as it progresses in its real environment. It also integrates digital models of buildings under construction in BIM format. BIM makes it possible to control the different risks of safety related to the environment of the construction site thanks to the digital models of the buildings.

With this new model of supervisor the customers will improve productivity of their cranes thanks to statistics and visualize their projects throughout their construction cycle, facilitating improved decision-making. These new products illustrate AMCS Technologies’ ability to keep up with market developments, whether it is new standards, new generations of cranes, innovations or technological advances in the industry.

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