French Innovation on Display


Arcom group is a French company with 25 years’ experience, designing and manufacturing end products in France. The company owns two brands: Arcom, for terminal regulation in building (HVAC, lights, blinds and car park ventilation) and Citylone for public lighting management.

From design of the product, to industrialization, manufacturing, sales and training, Arcom & Citylone are major actors on the field of automatisms and public lighting. All our products are made in an eco-performing way to contribute every day to environmental respect.

All the products developed by Arcom and Citylone respect the following values:

FRENCH DESIGN AND MANUFACTURNG: products designed and manufactured in France, from electronic card to the end product
QUALITY: products with only robust components
OPENNESS: products using standardized communication protocols to be able to communicate with products from other manufacturers
SUSTAINABILITY: products that can be modified in FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) with standard exchange manufacturer warranty

Arcom proposes solutions for new or renovated buildings, for any size and any type: offices, industrial sites, hospitals, schools, medium and large-scale retail, hotels, etc.

Experts in multi-protocols, Arcom innovates to propose solutions such as integrated Bluetooth, that allows to create Ready2Service Buildings, alluding to tomorrow’s solutions.

Citylone proposes intelligent lighting controllers in open technologies (LonWorks in Power Line Communication, LoRaWAN and Wirepas in radio), and its products can work locally or connected. They allow realtime control on the network, energy savings, maintenance and organization. As such, Citylone controllers can be placed on roads, motorways, pedestrian paths, car parks, tramways, tunnels and much more.

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