BASF Performance Materials Showcases its Solutions


On show to the more than 68,000 construction professionals from 134 countries will be our novel booth showcasing a multiplicity of product solutions for the construction and leisure industry.

These include:

Elastopor®H offers well-established applications for the construction sector. Sandwich elements, insulating boards and spray foam are ideal products for energy efficient and uncomplicated constructions, both in the industrial and in the private housing sector.

Elastopave® exploits the principle of binding suitable mixes of crushed stone with polyurethane to yield a strong, aesthetically and cosmetically pleasing effect in addition to a water and air permeable surface.

Elastocoat® for the coating of surfaces, the high-tech Polyurea system Elastocoat® is unbeatable. Whether used on parking or bridge decks, loading ramps or chemical tanks, Elastocoat® Polyurea provides enduring protection. Also for facades and roofs, Elastocoat® provides lasting protection that is rapidly applied. Elastan® BASF Polyurethane Binders for moisture-cured polyurethane adhesives for many uses such as sports flooring. Designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of applications from running tracks, children’s playgrounds to moulded tiles for safety applications.

Skytite® HCFC free polyurethane spray foam system which is zero ODP less than 5% GWP.

Suitable for insulating all surfaces of pitched and flat roofs, walls and floors for a good, affordable room climate you now need much less energy than ever before.

Slentex® is a non-flammable, simple-to-use inorganic aerogel material is the innovation for extremely slim and highly efficient wall insulation. With a value of ≤19mW/m• K, Slentex® achieves much lower thermal conductivity than previous insulation materials.

Slentite® Polyurethane aerogel with a lambda value of 17 mW/m• K achieves the best insulation rating for a robust panel. Standard insulating materials range from 21 to 40 mW/m• K. Slentite® will change future construction possibilities as it is an organic aerogel in the form of a mechanically strong panel. This makes it a hands-on aerogel.

With a compressive strength of > 300 kPa, it performs twice as well as today’s PU insulation panels. The panel can be handled dust-free and, like conventional construction products, is easy to work. Sawing, milling, drilling, bonding and laminating are no problem.

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