Concrete Pioneers for 90 Years


CIFA S.p.A. designs and manufactures a complete range of machines for the production, transport and laying of concrete. Headquartered in Italy, with production and assembly facilities and branches in Europe, China and America, it is represented by a global sales distribution network, which includes the Middle East region.


CIFA K61L, a product that is ideal for markets requiring long truck pumps and high performances. It is equipped with a 5 section boom, with RRZ folding, a pumping unit with a maximum theorical output of 180 m3 / h, 83 bar, electronic management, and close loop circuit. It features a 10-inch S valve and 260 mm of concrete cylinder, that guarantees less cycles per minute; while also offering low noise levels during operations and a simple maintenance.

Last but not least, the K61L features our Smartronic Silver machine management with LCD monitor, counters, pumping unit management, diagnostics and rear capsense control panel in standard equipment. This new machine completes our already full range in the Steeltech series over 60 meters, that have booms completely in steel.

The 60 meter-plus range is also already represented in the Middle East via our CIFA Carbotech series truck pumps: K60H, K67H, K80H; featuring advanced technologies such as carbon fiber in the boom section.


The Gulf region is a strategic market for us as well as for many other worldwide suppliers. Besides the potential which is there and that will increase in the next years, we do look at it as an advanced market boasting very well organized groups, dealers, and end users which will definitely keep pushing towards the latest technologies and high standard products.

Being a European manufacturer and leader in R&D with patented technologies, CIFA always wants to keep focus on such advanced markets.

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