Connectivity with CONTI+

Conti’s CNX water management system has been tried and tested as a modern, intuitively controlled system meeting the strictest requirements for fitting management, safety and hygiene, and can be used in all CONTI+ shower, washbasin and urinal fittings in commercial, public and semi-public areas.

For the first time, connection of the CNX water management system to the higher level central building control system or facility management systems to activate thermal sanitary flushing, among others, is ensured by the CONTI+ API (Application Programming Interface). Parameters, distinguished into data and control parameters, are transmitted in specific logs. The parameter sets are defined by default or are customer-specified, and are made available via gateways (for example, for Modbus), regardless of the number of CNX control centres.

Wireless integration of individual fittings into the CNX water management system is now also possible at any time through CONTI+ CNX Bluetooth using BLE converters, dispensing with wired connections using CNX bus cabling.

This integration can also be done post installation. With the CONTI+ CNX alert messaging feature in the CNX water management system, recent customer specific action and operating notifications can be automatically transmitted externally via SMS or email messages.

The number of recipients is freely defined via the CNX user interface and on request critical failure messages can also be sent directly to CONTI+ customer service.

The new CONTI+ service app provides direct wireless access to every fitting that has a BLE converter. This makes it easy to set and check parameters, activate or deactivate service and hygiene functions as well as read out status information and statistical operating data. The app is available for smartphones and tablets, and has three access levels for operator, CONTI+ customer service and experts.

With its wide product portfolio of shower room, washroom, washbasin and hygiene solutions as well as its 45-year industry experience, Conti+ has turned operators, specialist and property installers, wholesale businesses, designers and architects into major professional partners. Customers can always count on tailored professional solutions for the greatest variety of baths, hotels, residences, office buildings, sport, traffic, educational, cultural, industrial, health and recreational facilities.

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