Pumping Green Innovations Into The Global Market


For more than 40 years, DAB Pumps Spa’s range of technologies for the movement and management of water have enriched the wider MEP industry.

On each occasion, the company has displayed its technological solutions capable of ensuring reliability and efficiency, as well as features which optimize energy consumption in residential building service, commercial building service, agricultural and irrigation applications.

DAB will confirm its international growth via the presentation of a series of global projects. DAB’s technology has been, for example, at the heart of the creation of water boosting systems for 58 apartments in Brooklyn, New York; of the Pick n Pay Distribution Centre in Cape Town, South Africa; of the Madinat Al Mawater on the road to Doha, Qatar; and of the Egyptian Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque, inaugurated in January 2019.


Such global prominence translates into local application in the Middle East, safe in the knowledge that DAB Pumps can meet the needs of a territory that, due to its climate and conformation, requires innovative products with a green vision.

Following this vision, among other products, DAB Pumps presents S4SUN, a system for pumping water using the most widely available renewable energy: the sun. In this way, it is possible to use the pump in the most remote areas; even those untouched by power grids where stability is a challenge.

Additional new products include DTron 2 and DTron 3, a new and complete range of submersible pumps; and FX, an innovative set of drainage submersible pumps. Also making a reappearance will be the ergonomic design and technology of e.syline, the line of electronic booster pump systems; and the innovation of e.swim 300, DAB’s high energy efficiency swimming pool pump.

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