Pioneering Innovation in Robotics

DG World is a leading Middle Eastern company providing state-of-the-art automation robotics solutions for manufacturing processes, ordering, testing, materials handling, 3D Printing and much more.

As a result, we are able to guide our clients in the direction of industry 4.0 with future oriented solutions. We are the official system Partner of KUKA in the Middle
East. With a combination of KUKA’s worldclass quality and DGWorld’s creativity and utmost commitment to customers, we are pioneering innovation in robotics. In fact, this has been the basis for decades of exception technology, helping you towards decisive process optimization.

DGWorld’s robotics plasma cutting and welding application has been the main product on display. Robotic plasma cutting is a process which uses a high-velocity ionized gas, known as plasma, to heat and melt metals. The plasma then mechanically blows the molten material away to cut the work piece.

DGWorld’s welding robots stand for maximum productivity and optimal welding quality, with the lowest operating costs and simplest operator control. Our robots achieve the best possible welding quality with the appropriate welding equipment from our partner Fronius, a global technological leader.

We provide unique automated welding solutions by using CMT, CMT Twin and TIG plasma processes.


Through high axis velocities and the infinitely rotating axis, six of our robots ensure particularly low cycle times because the duration of unproductive motions between the weld seams is thus minimized.

The excellent repeatability of the stable robot arms further ensures accurate positioning at the start of the weld seam without overshoot.

Additional advantages include the possibility to use multiple robots to work on a component simultaneously, thus significantly boosting productivity. The welding equipment is also connected to the robot controller quickly and easily via a field bus interface, meaning the full range of functions is available to the operator at all times.

Ultimately, clients can enhance their company’s ROI (return on investment) by enhancing the productivity of their line; and we can facilitate this improvement.

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