Providing Children With The Best

Dynamo Playgrounds International Sales Director, Robert Lockhart reveals why the company has been looking to showcase examples rather than products; with one in particular grabbing participants’ attention.

Dynamo hasn’t showcased a specific product at the show this time. We prefer to inspire our clients with positive examples, and then make specific recommendations according to their projects’ needs. An exciting thing about doing bespoke projects and in the timescale which our industry works under, we are always ‘just finishing’ a very exciting project and at the same time looking forward to the completion and grand opening of the next. Right now we are close to that moment for a truly different playground design in Quebec, Canada, where we have a whole city on the edge of their seat to see the launch of a playground inspired by children’s tree forts and everyone’s childhood dreams of playing with Peter Pan. One of the International Schools here in Dubai has allowed us to create an incredible custom designed play space for them. It will be transformative for the students at that school, and also offer a fantastic example to both private and public schools across the GCC of how good play outside of the classroom can have a positive impact on how students perform inside the classroom.

Dynamo does not make ‘cookie cutter’ equipment or designs. We focus on playground games which challenge children and give them more out of the play experience. We also insist on providing the best quality for our customers, regardless of ‘cheaper’ alternatives which are getting offered in the market. We believe that our children deserve the best.

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