Degassing Seven Times Faster and Eight Times More Economically

The quality of water determines the performance of cooling and heating installations. A system with oxygenrich water is less cost-effective. Flamco is now launching the ultimate solution to this challenge.

The Flamco Vacumat Eco degasses seven times faster thanks to round-the-clock degassing capacity and is eight times more economical than similar products. Discharging gases more rapidly ensures minimum damage to the system, prevents unnecessary malfunctions and expensive repairs, and extends the lifespan of the installation. In addition, the user can count on substantial energy savings.


The remarkable traits of this new solution include the sensors and rpm-controlled, economical pump. As the pressure and temperature of the water system are continuously measured, the Vacumat Eco automatically chooses the most efficient vacuum for optimal degassing.

The device removes dissolved gases without letting the water boil. This prevents any released water vapour from interfering with the degassing process. This overcomes the usual problem of decreased water volume in the installation, which constantly needs to be refilled. In addition, boiling processes use a lot of energy and create unnecessary noise. The Vacumat Eco produces only 52 dB in operation, comparable with a quiet dishwasher.

This is a substantial difference from the present generation of vacuum degassers on the market. Not boiling is therefore more effective, more economical and quieter.


The advanced software in the Vacumat Eco supports the new technology of sensitive degassing. The monitoring of the system is fully automatic, and it is adjusted to the concentration of gases. As soon as the system is degassed, the Vacumat Eco checks the deaeration performance and only makes adjustments when necessary. This idle status reduces energy consumption a little bit further.

More importantly, however; the device also offers more insight into the quality of the water and the performance of the system.

The Vacumat Eco shows the deaeration performance via a display and is protected by an internal filter. A warning appears automatically as soon as filter cleansing is necessary.

Finally, the operation of the Vacumat Eco can be precisely matched to the needs of the user. This is only a matter of choosing between three settings.

Minimal setting is suitable for most installations and consumes the least energy. This degasses the system up to 15 ml gas per litre system liquid. The medium setting is a more powerful degasser (up to 12 ml gas per litre system liquid), but also consumes a bit more energy. The maximum setting is for optimal degassing up to 8 ml/l (in accordance with VDI 2035 and 4708).

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