An Interactive Approach to Green Engineering

A key theme this year for FLOVEA revolves around environmental concerns, an issue that has been at the forefront of FLOVEA’s thoughts since inception. The company’s range of prefabricated solutions saves a huge amount of water by avoiding waste due to leakage which is often invisible until creating real damage. Most recently, the company’s R&D department has been working on FLOWBOX Interactive, its connected plumbing range which was unveiled at Big 5 last year. Its evolved, newer version will be on display in 2019. Pursuing a mission to continue bringing benefits to both households and professionals.

FLOVEA’s smart building-driven FLOWBOX technology will continue to support personal and commercial users by providing total control over hydraulic networks right from their smartphones. A dedicated mobile app will further ensure that each user can track water consumption at the property they manage, but also the financial expenses related to the consumption on each floor of their building.

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