Protecting the Natural Environment, Inside And Out

Garden Spot is a Polish designer and manufacturer of Pixel Garden modular systems used to create living vertical gardens. The company’s overriding emphasis through its proposition is the protection of the natural and sustainable environment, which is why these Pixel Garden modules are made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Among Garden Spot’s offering, customers can find products including Alu Line and Simple Line. The former is made of Pixel Garden modules with integrated irrigation systems framed into aluminium. Meanwhile, Simple Line comprises modules framed into those made of steel. The frames can be hanging, standing (equipped with legs) or mobile (equipped with legs and wheels).


This year Garden Spot has also introduced a new product in the form of waterfall fountains made of stainless steel and glass; complementing the existing Alu Line and Simple Line frames to create a perfect place for ultimate relaxation. The idea is compatible to the biophilia hypothesis of  scientist Edward O. Wilson, which is defined as the need for a sense of community with other living organisms.

Vertical gardens play a very important role in modern exterior and interior design. Green walls can be installed in exterior environments, for example, on building elevations. Covering the elevation with greenery helps to cool the building on sunny days.

In interior design the green walls are even more important because they allow implementation of greenery even in smaller, tighter spaces where greenery cannot be grown in traditional, horizontal ways.

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