Director, Daniel Lyons Gives A Guide To Goodway

Goodway Technologies Corporation will be showcasing a vast range of chiller tube cleaners, coil cleaners, cooling tower vacuums, cooling tower fill cleaners, gel descalers, tower cooling tower disinfectants, and duct cleaning vacuums.

The company’s innovative, technology driven solutions are used by contractors, engineers, maintenance professionals and facility management organizations worldwide to perform routine maintenance duties faster, easier, safer, and with more efficiency and cost savings.

Daniel Lyons picks up:

“We see tremendous opportunity to help gulf companies achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings through the use of our products. HVAC systems can also have a large impact on indoor and outdoor air quality. The use of our cooling tower cleaning products can help reduce the risk of legionella, provide a safer environment for building workers and occupants, and positively impact health.

“Proper maintenance and cleaning of cooling towers can reduce health risks and improve overall HVAC operations. We will be introducing new cooling tower technology to the market in 2020 to help those performing the routine maintenance complete the task easier and quicker. Our goal is to help customers find innovative solutions to perform their duties effectively and efficiently."

“We want to provide solutions that make our customers’ jobs easier. Last year, we had the opportunity to get great feedback on their challenges and pain points, which we use to design and develop new products.

We’re very proud to be in this industry and it’s also a great opportunity to build new relationships. We’ve seen the impact our products have on the bottom line and we want to make sure these attendees are introduced to these solutions. We look forward to demonstrating our products to allow customers to see them in action once again this year. It’s always great to engage with existing and potential customers and hear their feedback on our products or what will help them do their job even better. We are also looking to finalize agreements with some new strategic partners.”

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