A Balance of Past and Future

GranumLux is a Portuguese brand in the ornamental stone sector, dedicating its activities to the exploitation of granite and marble quarries.

In addition, the company has made a name for itself through the transformation of raw materials into finished products; and it’s these products and services.

The company emerges from AP3J – Engenharia Lda, and has long made a name for itself as an organisation based on proved values, history and experience.

The latter attribute is especially poignant given the more than 100 years of presence in the ornamental stone industry. Combining this internal experience and attractive longevity with an ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement, GranumLux has established the perfect balance between honouring the past and planning for the future.

For more information and more long-term discussions, please find contact details below:

Address: Estrada Municipal 6152, 7 Mangualde, Portugal

Phone number: 351 232 243 014

Email address: [email protected]